Adventure Walk

October 2006

My dad and I decided to have some fun. We got up very early and we put on old clothes. It was still dark when we got up, so we wore our headlamps. We live right next to the sea.

Hotel by  the sea

Our plan was to walk all the way to the Kalathas beach along the rocks. The distance is approximately one kilometer.

The vegetation in Crete looks and feels like fynbos. The plants are usually short prickly shrubs that will hurt you if you are not careful.

Vegetation looks like fynbos
Whilst we were walking in the darkness, we heard some scuttling past us. We presume it was a rabbit. It sounded like an empty plastic bottle being dragged over the rocks and we got a bit of a fright.
Maxi  daydreaming on a rock

Maxi and  Heinz posing in the darkness

Maxi  throwing stones into the sea

Sun  starting to rise

Maxi's  styrofoam boat